Privacy policy for Stockholmsmässan

Stockholmsmässan protects your privacy and respects and protects your personal information by handling such information according to law, general industry standards and other relevant rules. In order to provide you with a better understanding of how Stockholmsmässan handles your information, the basic principles of how we process personal data are presented in this policy.

Collection of information
Stockholmsmässan offers a possibility for you to order information, ask questions or register yourself as a visitor of fairs at our websites. At these websites, Stockholmsmässan receives information regarding your name and how you may be contacted as well as information necessary for possible billing, for instance when you purchase tickets. Stockholmsmässan also receives information of your areas of interest, seminars you want to visit and other information that you provide to Stockholmsmässan when you register in order to be able to prepare for your visit and adjust our communication with you.

A cookie file is a part of a text that may be placed in the hardware of your computer after your admission. If you accept cookies, your browser will add the text in a separate file. Stockholmsmässan uses cookie files to enable analysis of the traffic at our website by informing us of individual visits to a certain website at a certain time. Through the settings of your browser you may choose whether you accept that a cookie file will be placed in your computer or not. You may also choose to remove cookie files that have been placed in your computer at any time.

When you visit such parts of Stockholmsmässans websites that may be adjusted according to you user profile or that requires you to be logged in, your browser must be set to accept cookies. You may otherwise visit all parts of Stockholmsmässans websites without receiving cookie files.

Use of information
Stockholmsmässan processes and uses the information that you have provided to be able to complete your requirements in connection with fairs, to proceed with orders that you have made and to otherwise provide you with good service. Stockholmsmässan and/or Stockholmsmässans partners may also contact you with different offers through direct marketing. Individuals may at any moment inform Stockholmsmässan of a so called bar against direct marketing to prevent use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Unless you have given your permission, Stockholmsmässan will not share your personal information with other parties than our partners, or if required to do so according to law. Stockholmsmässan does not purposely use information from children or minors and does not direct any marketing to children or minors.

Security, correction and information
Stockholmsmässan protects your personal information through normal technical and organizational security standards. Your information can only be accessed by authorized staff after providing username and password. Stockholmsmässans goal is that all processed information shall be correct. Of course this also applies to personal data that is collected. If information about yourself would be incorrect, please contact Stockholmsmässan so that the information can be corrected. Individuals are also entitled to be informed of what information, if any, that we process regarding yourself. If you would like such information or if you have other questions regarding the processing of personal data, please contact Stockholmsmässan in any of the following manners:

Email: integritypolicy at stockholmsmassan dot se
Telephone: 08-749 41 00
Address: SE-125 80 Stockholm, Sweden

Links to other websites
Please note that links that may appear on this website to other websites may lead you to sites that include other rules for privacy protection than as stated here. Stockholmsmässan cannot take responsibility for any information that is provided on websites that Stockholmsmässan links to.

About Adforum

Founded in 1968, Adforum is the world's leading organizer of exhibitions for the pulp and paper industry. Through the years, the company has organized the world's largest pulp and paper events in Stockholm, Helsinki as well as in in China and India. Adforum is owned by Stockholmsmässan (Stockholm International Fairs) and the Finnish Fair Corporation.